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We Teach Children to Learn by Doing

Venture Academy is a K-12, expeditionary learning school in Marriott-Slaterville, Utah. It was established over a decade ago.

Instead of simply reading books or memorizing lessons by rote, our students go on learning adventures. They then apply what they’ve learned to their daily lives, and use it to improve their school and communities.

Grab n Go 5/21/2020

Our main entrees for today are

 Pop Tarts for breakfast 

and hamburgers for lunch.

Grab n Go 5/20/2020

Today's menu includes sausage and cheese biscuit for breakfast and BBQ chicken sandwich for lunch. Have a happy day.

Grab n Go 5/19/2020

Today we are offering Texas cinnamon toast for breakfast and Cheese Rippers for lunch.  Can't wait to see you!

Grab n Go 5/18/2020

Today we will be serving a breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese, sausage and hash browns along with chicken strips for lunch.

Grab n Go 5/14/2020

Today we are serving

 pancakes and rib patty sandwiches 

for our main entrees.

Putting Nutrition Education Into Practice

Venture’s Kitchen is the school nutrition blog. Our team not only prepares breakfast and lunch for the students, we also participate in the education and expedition process.

Simply put, we provide nutrition information, recipes, and menus to students’ families, supporting their healthy eating habits even when they’re not in school. When we expand our learning of nutrition science, we incorporate what we’ve learned to the way we prepare and serve our food.

We also post pictures of our students’ projects, provide updates on menu changes, and design recipes. If your child or student has a peanut allergy or is lactose intolerant, you don’t have to worry. We create recipes and meal plans tailored to students with special dietary needs. 

Read Our Blog

Grab n Go 5/15/2020

Our main entrees for today are 

breakfast scones and Cheese stuffed bread sticks.

Grab n Go 5/13/2020

Today our main entrees are 

breakfast corn dog

(breakfast sausage with a pancake

 wrapped around it) and Brazilian Chicken enchilada. 

Grab n Go 5/12/2020

Today we are serving bagels for breakfast and soft pretzels for lunch. We look forward t seeing you!

Grab n go entrees for 5/11/2020

Our main entrees for today are hot dogs for lunch and donuts for breakfast. Donuts will be substituted for benefit bars.

Grab n Go during School Dismissal

We have really enjoyed serving grab n go meals to and seeing our Venture families during the School Dismissal. We will be posting any menu changes and pictures of the daily entree choices here.