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Who We Are

Venture’s Kitchen is the nutrition website of Venture Academy, an expeditionary school in Marriott-Slaterville, Utah. We are part of the Charter Coop of Utah, which includes 35 schools and 30,000 children. Our membership enables us to get better menus and prices.

We don't follow what other schools have done before–our school is known for innovation beyond academics, and our passion for going beyond the basics extends to nutrition in school. Our lunch program coordinator, Marcell Kearney, writes most of her own recipes, which she also shares on this website.

Company Biography

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About Marcell Kearney

Marcell Kearney heads Venture’s Kitchen, the nutrition blog of Venture Academy. Prior to working at our school, Marcell served as culinary manager at Olive Garden for 10 years and attended its culinary school in Italy.

Marcell Kearney has been our lunch program coordinator for more than nine years. Marcell’s attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of nutrition helps us tailor recipes to meet the needs of students with dietary restrictions. 

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