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Good Health Starts With the Right Nutrition

Exercise isn’t enough to stay in the peak of health. Children and teenagers need to have a balanced diet that supports their growth and development. The United States government has programs in place to help ensure that children across the country eat school lunches that have been designed to meet accepted dietary guidelines.

More than just complying with state and federal guidelines for health and wellness, Venture Academy in Marriott-Slaterville, Utah goes above and beyond. We make information on nutrition available online for our students, parents, and charter schools. For recipes, menus, and informative posts, read our blog, Venture’s Kitchen.

You can also see the school lunch menus on this site. The quality of our menus is one of the things that set us apart from other school nutrition programs. We update our website frequently, so you’ll be able to see any changes we’ve made to our meals. 

Our Services

We make sure our students eat wholesome, filling, and delicious food at school, and we also provide you with tips to help make healthy eating a habit for you, your family, or your students. Our other services include: 

  • Consulting with teachers and others and helping them design menus for projects
  • Creating recipes for students with special dietary needs
  • Designing menus for fundraising events

  • Educating our school and community on proper nutrition
  • Helping students design menus

  • Managing the school nutrition program (lunch)
  • Teaching classes about food around the world

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